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[Q]: "incompatible-java-bytecode-format Java8 version" warning


>>W: libtest-java: incompatible-java-bytecode-format Java8 version (Class format: 52)

probably it should be

>>W: libtest-java: incompatible-java-bytecode-format Java9 version (Class format: 53)

but now we have JDK8 for default.
"OpenJDK 9 is available in experimental. As a reminder, it won't be
 part of the next release; OpenJDK 8 will be the only Java runtime
 supported for Stretch."

https://bugs.debian.org/673276 checks Java7 and above java version code.
Should we bump it up to Java8?

If so, change it to Java8 and remove unnecessary overrides in

Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp>

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