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Re: [sisu-guice] 01/01: Add ant to Build-Depends

I think I've spotted the cause of this issue: CGLIB has an optional
dependency on Ant, and the dependency is marked with
<optional>true</optional> in the <dependencyManagement> section of the
cglib-parent pom. The dependency is then declared in the cglib pom. The
issue is that the <optional> tag used in the parent dependencyManagement
is not inherited, and that makes the dependency mandatory for Maven. The
libcglib-java package lacks a dependency on ant and its reverse
dependencies are failing to build. This issue was hidden previously
because velocity, a dependency of maven-debian-helper, was depending on
ant until the latest update.

There are two issues here:
- the cglib pom is wrong, the <optional> tag should be repeated in the
child pom, or <optional> replaced by <scope>provided</scope> in the
parent pom. This should be forwarded upstream.
- maven-debian-helper doesn't handle this case properly, the ant
dependency is neither included in ${maven:Depends} nor in

I'll update cglib to really make the ant dependency optional.

Emmanuel Bourg

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