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Re: Artifact relocation with the Maven helpers

Le 1/07/2016 à 16:04, Markus Koschany a écrit :

> I hope I'll remember this feature should I ever try to update one of
> those libfoo2-java packages again. But didn't we settle for trying to
> avoid versioned package names in general?

That was just en example, I still advocate avoiding versioned package
names for the current upstream releases if possible. The relocations
could also be used to transition from libfoo<n>-java back to
libfoo-java, as just happened with groovy, cglib and asm.

> The testng use case looks interesting but will probably only work as
> long as the new version (e.g. 7.x) is compatible but then it is quite
> useful indeed.

Yes it only works if the versions are compatible of course.

> It really looks like as it would ease future transitions.

I hope so! It should also lead to lighter maven.rules files.

Emmanuel Bourg

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