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Re: Artifact relocation with the Maven helpers

On 01.07.2016 01:02, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've implemented a new interesting feature in maven-repo-helper 1.9 and
> maven-debian-helper 2.1, it's now possible to relocate an artifact
> toward another one. This is roughly the equivalent of symlinks but for
> the Maven dependencies.


I hope I'll remember this feature should I ever try to update one of
those libfoo2-java packages again. But didn't we settle for trying to
avoid versioned package names in general?

The testng use case looks interesting but will probably only work as
long as the new version (e.g. 7.x) is compatible but then it is quite
useful indeed.

It really looks like as it would ease future transitions. Thanks for
implementing it!



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