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Re: RFS: stegosuite/0.7.3-1 [ITP]

On 14.06.2016 00:58, Tobias wrote:
>> Not every piece of code is copyrightable, so there might be a chance
>> that there is no action required from our side. In any case I suggest to
>> add a Comment: section to your main Files: * paragraph. It helps if you
>> clarify these comments with a few words.
> Hmm, a comment mentioning that some parts are adapted from stackoverflow?
> Are there any other debian packages doing this?
> And if it's not copyrightable, then why mentioning it in debian/copyright?

We do that mainly for our FTP team who has to decide whether a piece of
software is eligible to be distributed by Debian. As the upstream
developer of stegosuite you are in a strong position to clarify the
copyright status of any file in your project. By adding a comment you
basically signal to the FTP team, guys I am aware that I didn't write
the code myself but I don't think that this is copyrightable, so my
standard license, the GPL-3, applies here.

My responsibility as the uploader is to ensure that every file abides by
Debian's Free Software Guidelines and I think your comment would help
that cause.



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