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Re: Seeking a sponsor

On 05.06.2016 11:26, George Bateman wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to package Processing <https://processing.org> and its
> dependencies for Debian; I'm a contributor to it upstream. I've
> packaged one dependency, Classpath Explorer, filed an ITP, and
> submitted it to mentors.debian.net:
> <https://mentors.debian.net/package/classpath-explorer>.
> Please could I have a sponsor to help me transfer it to Debian, and to
> help me with uploading Processing to Debian?

Hello George,

thanks for your interest in packaging software for Debian. Your basic
packaging of classpath-explorer looks quite good. As usual some parts
could be improved. For instance at first glance you don't need to
mention in your package description that

" This package installs itself in the Maven repository as well as

I'd rather add one or two sentences about what classpath-explorer is
actually useful for.

I would also remove the orig-tar.sh script and use the Files-Excluded
mechanism in debian/copyright for removing *.class and *.jar files.

The orig-tar.sh script is rather strange because you try to perform an
svn export on an old googlecode repository. The watch file points to
github.com though. Moreover the last project release was in 2009 which
makes me think that better alternatives might exist.

I think in your case it makes sense to package Processing on your local
system first before you start to upload single dependencies to Debian. I
speak for myself but I would like to see the whole software in action
first before I start uploading build-dependencies.

It also appears that packaging Processing is non-trivial. The original
ITP dates back to 2007.


Several attempts failed so far. Please note that also someone packaged
processing-core already.


To summarize my concerns, you should be willing to prepare the package
completely and demonstrate that you are able to maintain it for the
foreseeable future. If you want to do that, feel free to ask for more



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