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Re: New steganography application

Hi Emmanuel,

thanks for the review. I fixed (almost) everything accordingly.

On 16.05.2016 12:10, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> - The second chunk of fix-pom-for-debian.patch can be replaced with a
> rule in debian/maven.rules, something like this:
> s/${swt.groupId}/org.eclipse.swt/ s/${swt.artifactId}/org.eclipse.swt/ *
> s/.*/debian/

I left that chunk in the patch because the rule couldn't be parsed. I guess it has something to do with the $.
I tried to escape it with \\ but it didn't help.

> - there is already a commercial steganography tool known as "Stego
> Suite" [1], whose name is trademarked. I'm not sure you can use the same
> name for your project.

The website seems to be outdated. They recommend Windows 98. ;)
I don't think it's trademarked (anymore). I searched in various trademark databases and could find anything like "Stego Suite".


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