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Re: New steganography application

Le 14/05/2016 à 12:46, Tobias a écrit :

> it took me some time to learn the necessary things but with the newest update of swt4-gtk (thanks to Jakub!) I finally managed to build and run it without issues.
> It would be great if someone could review it.
> Here is the url: https://dev.stegosuite.org/Stegosuite/Stegosuite-Debian.git

Hi Tobias,

I got a quick look at your package, here are my observations:

- stegosuite-0.7.1.jar is installed twice in the binary package, I
suggest using a symlink for the jar in /usr/share/stegosuite
- debian/stegosuite.substvars can be removed, it's a temporary build file
- You can also remove maven.publishedRules and maven.cleanIgnoreRules
- You can add a rule in maven.ignoreRules to ignore the
maven-assembly-plugin instead of patching pom.xml in
- The second chunk of fix-pom-for-debian.patch can be replaced with a
rule in debian/maven.rules, something like this:
s/${swt.groupId}/org.eclipse.swt/ s/${swt.artifactId}/org.eclipse.swt/ *
- adding a debian/watch file would be nice
- there is already a commercial steganography tool known as "Stego
Suite" [1], whose name is trademarked. I'm not sure you can use the same
name for your project.

Emmanuel Bourg

[1] https://www.wetstonetech.com/product/1

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