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Maven 3.3 backport

Hi all,

I've attempted a backport of Maven 3.3 to Jessie and it went
surprisingly well. I thought it was going to pull a lot of dependencies
but I was pleased to find out it requires only 8 dependencies:

  eclipse-aether >= 1.0
  guice >= 4.0
  sisu-plexus >= 0.3.0
  sisu-inject >= 0.3.0
  osgi-core >= 6.0.0
  osgi-annotation (new in Jessie)
  modello-maven-plugin >= 1.8
  modello >= 1.8

I don't think there is a risk pushing these dependencies to Jessie:
- eclipse-aether, sisu-plexus and sisu-inject are only used by Maven 3
- modello and modello-maven-plugin are backward compatible and used at
build time only
- guice 4.0 should be compatible with the version in Jessie
- osgi-core is binary compatible

Maven 3.3 will break gradle <= 2.7-4 though, so the current backport
will need an update.

If nobody objects I'll start uploading the backports in the next days.

Emmanuel Bourg

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