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Re: Removal of jspwiki, libjabsorb-java, freemind and libcommons-openpgp-java

Thank you.  I have a fairly large internal wiki using jspwiki and really don't look forward to having to move to another system or having to build jspwiki myself.  Again, thanks for your work.

On Dec 9, 2015, Emmanuel Bourg <ebourg@apache.org> wrote:
Le 9/12/2015 18:22, Markus Koschany a écrit :

jspwiki and libjabsorb-java:

Reason: long standing RC bugs [2], [3], low popcon, opportunity to get
rid of one unmaintained contrib and non-free package. libjabsorb-java
was only packaged for jspwiki.

I still intent to work on jspwiki, but that's a low priority item on my
list. I think there is no harm to keep it in unstable, and that will
save a run through the NEW queue.


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