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Re: Working with JavaFX

Le 6/12/2015 23:36, Cecil Westerhof a écrit :

> ​I did not invest a lot in Swing. As I understood it new applications
> should be written with JavaFX instead of with Swing. That is not the case?

Oracle supports both frameworks, JavaFX doesn't deprecate Swing. So feel
free to use the one that suits best your needs, you can expect them to
stay for a long time.

> But my Java version is 7. Is something ​going wrong here?

The default runtime is still Java 7. You can switch to Java 8 by using
update-java-alternatives. For example:

    sudo update-java-alternatives --set java-1.8.0-openjdk-amd64

> ​But for Java 8 I need to install unstable packages I understood. Or am
> I mistaken?​

openjdk-8 as found in unstable has been rebuilt for Jessie and is
available from the jessie-backports repository. This backport is
perfectly suitable for a stable environment.

> ​That explains it: the Debian distribution of Java is different as the
> Oracle one.

Indeed, Oracle bundles several things that you'll find in separate
packages in Debian (openjdk-<n>-jdk, visualvm, openjfx, icedtea-web)

Emmanuel Bourg

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