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Re: Proposal to do regular jenkins updates via jessie-updates

On 2015-04-09 9:10, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
So it looks to me like we currently miss a place to offer a package like
Jenkins to stable users, but it would be nice to have one as I believe
there will be more packages in this situation in the future (even though
we might not like this).

I do wonder a bit how much this is different from Iceweasel or Chromium
however: there we also ship new upstream releases to stay at a supported version (though the life-time for Jenkins seems even shorter). Of course
this only works as long as no new dependencies are pulled in, or at
least stay at something managable.

AIUI we do that because it's the only way to get security updates for either package, which is why they're shipped via the security archive; likewise openjdk and mysql.



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