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Re: Best practices writing custom Java programs deployed on Debian

Le 17/12/2014 22:44, Jacob Anawalt a écrit :

> Is there a good Debian Java packaging tutorial? I missed the tutorial
> part of that slide presentation and everything it links to in
> "Practical session 3: packaging a Java library"

If your package is not aimed at the official Debian repository I would
encourage you to look at jdeb [1] instead. It's much easier to integrate
with a Java project and it works nicely with Maven, Ant or Gradle.

If you want to use artifacts from the /usr/share/maven-repo repository
you can define a repository in your pom.xml:

      <name>Debian System Repository</name>

And when you want to pull a dependency from the system repository you
specify it with the 'debian' version instead of the numeric version. For


Emmanuel Bourg

[1] https://github.com/tcurdt/jdeb

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