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RFS: javatools 0.48 [RC]

Hi all,

I have prepared a fix for RC bug https://bugs.debian.org/764630
"missing JNI multi-arch PATHs in jarwrapper" and committed this change
to Git master. Currently jarwrapper does not use multiarch jni library
paths and only looks for libraries in /usr/lib/jni. Actually we could
get rid of -Djava.library.path completely because OpenJDK already looks
in the right places. However the Oracle JREs don't. I came up with the
idea that we simply add all possible library paths to a variable and use
this one as value for -Djava.library.path. I confirm this works for
OpenJDK7 and Oracle7.

The solution is not very pretty because the values are hard coded but I
couldn't use dpkg-architecture because then I had to depend on dpkg-dev.
I'm all ears if someone knows a more elegant way for this problem.

I have also cleaned up the package a little and committed the changes to
the experimental branch but I think it's not very urgent at the moment.
So far



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