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Re: Package with reference to proprietary libs

On 05.12.2014 11:23, Samuel Stachelski wrote:
> Hey all debian java devs
> I am new to the whole packaging thing in debian (read the docs but no experience yet) and I have a question for java packaging:
> When I want to package a java application which has a reference to a proprietary library (jar and native lib with JNI), is it possible to upload it to the official debian repos? I know it would have to go to contrib (the application if self uses MPL), but in the docs I read that i *have to* remove all third-party libraries from the orig tarball and the references to other libraries must be declared as dependencies. The library the application uses is kakadu (http://kakadusoftware.com) and it is not in the debian repos, not even in the non-free. So how would I get the required native library and jar to the end users system?

Hi Sam,

you would have to create a separate source package for kakadu and find
someone who uploads it to the non-free repository. As you already know
the whole Java application had to go to contrib. The question is what
purpose it would serve to package and distribute the proprietary library
and what we would gain with it since there are already free Java jpeg
libraries such as libopenjpeg-java. Obviously it would be preferable if
you could convince upstream to relicense their software into something
that is DFSG-free.

Hope that helps a little



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