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Re: Java Bof at Debconf

Although a flat file repo would be sufficient, I believe setting up something like nexus would be more beneficial. It's relatively straight forward.  They provide an open source version that can be used.

My work doesn't currently work with remote repos, but It should be a simple change.


On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> wrote:
> On 20/08/14 17:46, Matthew Vernon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Keen readers of the Debconf programme will notice that there's a java
>> packaging Bof on Monday morning. I wrote some text when I submitted the
>> suggestion, but I don't think we need feel overly constrained by it.
>> As well as dependency/maven fun and games (per blurb), it would seem
>> sensible to hear from Andrew S about his GSoC project, and Tony
>> suggested a few things:
>> Java 8 transition
>> Tomcat (in general, and removing 6)
>> getting more contributors/team members
>> when to remove old/crufty d-java team-maintained packages
>> Any other suggestions? This is my first Debconf, and I'm hardly an
>> experienced java person, so I'm open to suggestions (including "let me
>> run this BoF instead!" :-) )...
>> See some of you in Portland!
> Not me though - I won't be there unfortunately.  The Java BoF sounds
> great though.
> Just one suggestion about the Maven stuff: could we create some
> unofficial archive (e.g. mvn.debian.net anybody?) of packages built by
> Andrew's build system?  This would provide a useful way for people to
> quickly test things with many dependencies and then selectively upload
> them to the real archive.
> Any other future directions for the build system would also be very
> welcome.  If nobody else has time to extend it in the near future, then
> it could be the basis for another GSoC next year.
> Regards,
> Daniel
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