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Re: New user - new software

Le 08/08/2014 22:28, José Robson Mariano Alves a écrit :
> From what I understand, I should remove the jar files and add a
> dependency package, that is, the library must exist in debian
> repositories. When compiling the package, if the library is not present
> on the system, the User must install it via apt-get. Is that right?

That's right

> However, when the library I use does not exist in debian repositories?
> what to do? I could not put the source code of the library and compile
> it? from what I saw in UpstreamGuide I can not do that. I am sure?

This is where it starts to get fun: you have to create a package for the
missing library.

> Then I should try to send the library for debian? I must ask permission
> to the library creator? or would it be easier to try to find a
> compatible library and adapt my system to it?

You don't need the permission from the author of an open source library.
If it's easier for you to change a library in the upstream project to
match the libraries available in Debian it's also a valid strategy.

Emmanuel Bourg

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