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[GSoC] Status Report: Java Project Dependency Builder

Hey guys,

I'll keep this weeks update short.

I'm happy to report that the plugin that I've been developing now
works end to end subject to a few conditions. Projects must be in in
your local repo (from central or some other maven repo), built with
Maven and have an accessible SCM url (from its Maven metadata). The
rest of the project will involve reducing and possibly removing a lot
of these conditions while expanding the scope.

Last week I spent quite a bit of time testing and ironing out the
kinks. I probably haven't got them all, but it appears to work on all
the test cases that I've tried apart from one: it cannot build maven
plugins. Fixing this properly would take a little more than your
typical bugfix, so I've tossed it on the backlog for now. Ant support
is still work in progress, but has been started.

Next week, I'm hoping to finish Ant support and take a look at some of
the bugs that I've put on the backlog.

Until next week.


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