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Re: libjopendocument-java build failures after repack

On 20/06/2014 13:43, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> Hi,
> This packaged had many jar files embedded in it and it was
> building fine. But after removing the embedded jars and adding them
> in build-deps, there is one build error now [I might have missed
> adding some jars, but previous build errors where helpful to find
> which jar is missing).
> Can anyone help here? This is my first java package and I don't
> know java (I have learned it years ago in college but never used it
> in any serious projects).
> It is already added to team repo. You'll have to run a
> pristine-tar checkout to create a orig.tar.gz and use
> dpkg-buildpackage to build it as git-buildpackage doesn't run clean
> after patching. 
> (https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=752165)
> Thanks Praveen
> [javac] 
> /home/pravi/forge/debian/git/pkg-java/libjopendocument-java/src/org/jopendocument/util/CollectionMap.java:199:
cannot find symbol
> [javac] symbol  : method remove(K,V) [javac] location: class
> org.jopendocument.util.CollectionMap<K,V> [javac]
> this.remove(e.getKey(), e.getValue()); [javac]

Hi Praveen,

According to:


MultiHashMap.remove has been renamed to MultiHashMap.removeMapping so
adding a patch with:

@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@ public class CollectionMap<K, V> extends
MultiHashMap {

     public void removeAll(Map<? extends K, ? extends V> m) {
         for (final Map.Entry<? extends K, ? extends V> e :
m.entrySet()) {
-            this.remove(e.getKey(), e.getValue());
+            this.removeMapping(e.getKey(), e.getValue());

should help.


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