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Re: For those who care about ElasticSearch: build dependencies, RFH

Le 12/06/2014 01:03, Hilko Bengen a écrit :

> Back in January, I told this list about the work I put into building
> proper Debian packages for ElasticSearch and its dependencies. I thought
> I'd find somebody to take ownership of those packages because I felt
> (and still feel) that simply dropping them into the archive and letting
> the Debian Java Maintainers worry about bugs that I wouldn't be able to
> fix is antisocial behavior.

Hi Hilko,

Thank you for packaging all these libraries.

I have a different point of view regarding the maintenance of the
packages. If you can't commit to maintain these packages and put
yourself as the sole maintainer, you are blocking the people that are
the most capable to help with the maintenance. For example I'm working
on the Java 8 transition and I found some Java libraries not assigned to
the Debian Java Maintainers. I can't update them and that's quite

Having team maintained packages lowers the barrier of entry for other
contributors. I think that's socially better than keeping the packages

> Since I still don't want to throw a dozen packages at a team without
> being asked to do so, I set myself as the sole maintainer for now, but
> as soon as any non-trivial bugs are reported against those packages,
> I'll file RFH bugs. (I still don't consider myself a Java developer.)

If you don't assign the packages to the Debian Java Maintainers could
you at least put the repositories under pkg-java on alioth please?
That'll allow us to jump in and help more easily if necessary.

Even if you don't consider yourself a Java developer you are definitely
a good Debian Java maintainer :)

Emmanuel Bourg

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