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Re: For those who care about ElasticSearch: build dependencies, RFH

control: retitle 660826 ITP: elasticsearch -- Distributed, RESTful, Search Engine built on top of Apache Lucene
control: tags 660826 pending
control: retitle 736651 ITP: hyperic-sigar -- System Information Gatherer And Reporter
control: tags 736651 pending
control: retitle 736647 ITP: carrotsearch-hppc -- High Performance Primitive Collections for Java
control: tags 736647 pending
control: retitle 736645 ITP: netty-3.9 -- Java NIO client/server socket framework
control: tags 736645 pending
control: retitle 736652 ITP: compress-lzf -- basic LZF codec, compatible with standard C LZF package
control: tags 736652 pending
control: retitle 736653 ITP: spatial4j -- a general purpose spatial/geospatial Java library
control: tags 736653 pending
control: retitle 736644 ITP: lucene4 -- Full-text search engine library for Java
control: tags 736644 pending
control: retitle 736648 ITP: icu4j-49 -- a library for Unicode support and internationalization
control: tags 736648 pending
control: retitle 736852 ITP: carrotsearch-randomizedtesting -- Randomized testing infrastructure for Junit
control: tags 736852 pending

Back in January, I told this list about the work I put into building
proper Debian packages for ElasticSearch and its dependencies. I thought
I'd find somebody to take ownership of those packages because I felt
(and still feel) that simply dropping them into the archive and letting
the Debian Java Maintainers worry about bugs that I wouldn't be able to
fix is antisocial behavior.

I did get some bits of feedback, but generally the last few months have
been quiet: #660826 and its blockers have been sitting in the BTS
without much visible activity. Howver, last weekend I finally took the
time to polish ES 1.0.3 and everything that is needed and uploaded those
packages. They are waiting in the NEW queue for initial acceptance by

Since I still don't want to throw a dozen packages at a team without
being asked to do so, I set myself as the sole maintainer for now, but
as soon as any non-trivial bugs are reported against those packages,
I'll file RFH bugs. (I still don't consider myself a Java developer.)


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