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Re: make-jpkg doesn't provide default-jre-headless

Le 19/02/2013 13:52, David Gerard a écrit :

> ./make-jpkg: line 220: get_architecture: command not found
> Looks like common.sh is missing from yours (and from the current
> version of Cédric's). Or I did something wrong (I just downloaded the
> zip, unzipped it and ran ./make-jpkg in the directory.)

You have to run:

J2SE_PACKAGE_LIBDIR=./lib ./make-jpkg <downloaded-archive>

Calling just ./make-jpkg doesn't work. This is probably something that
could be improved.

> The other problem is that Oracle no longer distributes Java 7 as a bin
> archive - it now distributes it as a .rpm or as a .tar.gz - a tarball
> of the jdk1.7.0_13/ directory tree, and make-jpkg has no idea what to
> make of this. I see we have work ahead of us ...

java-package also works with the .tar.gz provided by Oracle.

Emmanuel Bourg

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