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Re: I'd like to introduce myself

Le 19/02/2013 01:06, tony mancill a écrit :
> So within Debian it isn't strictly necessary to list it as an
> alternative, although we could revisit that if we find that there are
> JREs commonly being used on Debian systems that only provide the
> java7-runtime virtual package.

Actually I was thinking about the JRE packages generated by
java-package. Currently these packages provide only java-runtime and
java2-runtime (plus the headless variations). I pushed a change to
provide also java<n>-runtime depending on the version packaged. But that
will not work with tomcat7, because the package doesn't provide
java6-runtime expected by tomcat7.

I'm not sure about the right solution. Either:

1. java-package generates JRE packages providing default-jre and
default-jre-headless (I'm not sure why it doesn't already)

2. java-package generates JRE packages providing java<n>-runtime for
every n between 2 and the version packaged.

3. Get the packages like tomcat7 to accept java7-runtime

Emmanuel Bourg

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