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Re: I'd like to introduce myself

On 02/18/2013 03:29 PM, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi Tony,
> Le 19/02/2013 00:07, tony mancill a écrit :
>> Just for the record for those interested in tomcat, tomcat 7.0.35 is
>> packaged for Debian and currently uploaded to experimental.  The binary
>> package installs and runs fine in wheezy (by virtue of being an Arch:
>> all package).  A package for 7.0.37 is forthcoming.
> I looked at the dependencies of tomcat7-common, it doesn't seem to
> accept java7-runtime or java7-runtime-headless as a dependency.
> Shouldn't these be added?

Hello Emmanuel:

Currently the openjdk-7-jre package provides the following:

Provides: java-runtime, java2-runtime, java5-runtime, java6-runtime,

And the openjdk-7-jre-headless:

Provides: java-runtime-headless, java2-runtime-headless,
java5-runtime-headless, java6-runtime-headless, java7-runtime-headless

So within Debian it isn't strictly necessary to list it as an
alternative, although we could revisit that if we find that there are
JREs commonly being used on Debian systems that only provide the
java7-runtime virtual package.

I think we could consider the dependency to document the minimum version
of the Java runtime required, which in the case of Tomcat 7 is Java 1.6.

However, it's fair to point out that, by this metric, the Depends line
for the Debian tomcat6 package is a bit confused, as it currently lists
the java7, java6, or java5 runtime.  Arguably it should only list Java 5
as that's the minimum runtime version required.  (I'm also not sure why
java5-runtime-headless isn't included in that list.)


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