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Re: New package maintainer (assistant)

gregor herrmann:
> > run pristine-tar commit with the downloaded tarball against
> > upstream/$VERSION
> What's the advantage of this approach over just using
> git-import-orig?
As I said, that the debian packaging shares git history with upstreams master 

I've used this advantage once with GWT. I had to patch upstream to revert a 
change. Since I have the upstream history I could just run git revert to have 
a proper patch for debian/patches.

It's also a nice thing if you interact with upstream to have the upstream git 
history at your hand. And I prefer to have one git repo instead of two.

It might also be handy to package upstream snapshot from git commits even if 
upstream hasn't released a tarball.

I don't see any disadvantage with this approach, only that there's no 
automated toolset yet AFAIK. Having upstreams history included shouldn't 
consume much more disk space then the git-import-orig approach.

Actually I just filled wishbug #694955 to let git-import-orig support this 


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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