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Re: New package maintainer (assistant)

Felix Natter:
> Concerning the import of the upstream source into the debian pkg repo:
> I guess you create an upstream source tarball and use "git-import-orig"
> to merge this into the 'upstream' branch of the debian git repo.
I don't create an upstream source tarball. I download upstreams official 
release tarball.

Then the most simple thing to do is:
- delete all files from the git repo besides .git
  (make sure to also delete all dot files!)
- unpack upstreams tarball
- move all files (including dot files!) from upstreams tarball in the git repo
- compare with git status
- if git status does not report any differences (seldomly for java projects) 
then just tag (signed!) the commit with upstream/$VERSION
- if there is any difference, make a commit and tag this commit.

run pristine-tar commit with the downloaded tarball against upstream/$VERSION

> Looking at "Import upstream" from the wiki: why do you merge the
> upstream source into the master branch when it is already in the
> upstream branch (and thus is redundant)?

I like to have upstreams git history in my packaging repo. Are you aware that 
the master branch also contains the upstream source plus the debian/ folder? 
This is different to SVN where people are used to only track the debian/ 

> I also have a question concerning this (it's not clear from the wiki):
> "You may want to make two imports with git-import-orig for each new
> upstream tarball. The first import is without any filtering and saves
> the original tarball as it for later reference. The second import adds a
> "+dfsg" suffix to the tarball, filters all jar files and is the one
> actually uploaded to debian."
> => this would make sense with freeplane and its many jar dependencies.
> Are you suggesting to use a different --upstream-branch
> (i.e. "upstream-with-jars", is there a naming convention?) for the
> import without filtering?
The git-buildpackage manual suggests the name dfsg_clean for the cleaned 

> Is there more documentation about git-buildpackage / git-import-orig /
> ... other than the man pages that I should read?
> (I'd like to find out more in order to try out the "git workflow"
> and explain it on the wiki more verbosely)

You might add a hint in the wiki to the manual of git-buildpackage.

Thank you for your patience and perseverance,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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