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Re: Questions about simplyhtml[-freeplane] package


On 01/12/12 18:01, Felix Natter wrote:

The problem is in the search dialog ("FindReplaceDialog"): There is a
new "Approximate" check box which needs two things to work:

(1) some translations:
         jcbMatchApprox.setText(Util.getResourceString(SHTMLPanel.getResources(), "matchApproximately"));
   (one _could_ also add other translation strings, mostly tooltips, see jbInit() here:

(2) double threshold = Double.parseDouble(Util.getPreference("approximate_search_threshold", null));
   =>  we could replace null by "0.65" then the approximate search
      threshold would be hardcoded to 0.65

=>  there are three options:

(a) Update simplyhtml ("0.16.06") to disable the "Approximate" checkbox
     (don't display it) when running freemind
     (freemind could be detected by
     "Util.getPreference("approximate_search_threshold", null) == null")

(b) fix the two problems above in freemind (I can help with this)

(c) create another simplyhtml debian package for freeplane

In the long run we need solution (b). It's really just adding a few
properties, but it may be too late to change translation strings for
freemind 1.0.0 :-/ (a) is the quick solution. I'd like to avoid (c).

=>  so can you talk to Christian about this or shall I do this?

or (d) ignore until FreeMind is updated upstream...

I'm out of any packaging, so please contact Christian yourself, and (a) (or d) seems the most straightforward until a new version of FreeMind is packaged with the fix.


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