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Re: Porting src:openjdk-6 to m68k (II)

Matthias Klose dixit:

>If you want a reply from the OpenJDK packagers, please feel free to send email
>to them, or at least CC me.

I thought debian-java reached them? I was told to use it…

>If you submit a patch for 6, please always send one for 7 as well. Don't patch
>the upstream source directly, but use debian/patches.

Okay. I felt a bit weird patching a patch… it didn’t feel like
being upstream source.

>debian-java seems to be the wrong list for questions about OpenJDK ports.
>distro-pkg-dev and zero-dev are the better choices (see


>fixed your patch and checked in for the -6 and -7 packaging.


>If you choose not to use the bootstrap approach, please enable running the
>tests, or at least some of them.

Right, if we switch defaults that should be done first. But
before that, it needs to work… I’ll try to collect information
and write, zero-dev I guess. (Do these lists need a subscription?)

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