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Re: Porting src:openjdk-6 to m68k (II)

Am 28.11.2012 22:07, schrieb Thorsten Glaser:
> Dixi quod…
>> If one of you, either java or porter guys, has further suggestions,
>> just tell ☺
> That includes if I should stop bothering with -6 and try -7
> immediately, considering reading about #675495 now. The B-D
> are there, nowadays.
> The goal might be to make m68k a non-gcj arch, so I don’t
> know if -7 is appropriate right now.

If you want a reply from the OpenJDK packagers, please feel free to send email
to them, or at least CC me.

If you submit a patch for 6, please always send one for 7 as well. Don't patch
the upstream source directly, but use debian/patches.

debian-java seems to be the wrong list for questions about OpenJDK ports.
distro-pkg-dev and zero-dev are the better choices (see

fixed your patch and checked in for the -6 and -7 packaging.

If you choose not to use the bootstrap approach, please enable running the
tests, or at least some of them.


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