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new package ghmessen


I need some help for orientation.


I have written a java program and would like to maintain a debian

package for it.


The program

has a new mime file type,

some binary only 32bit libraries,

needs jna and some other java libraries,

is packaged with some java libraries for which I don't have the source but

am allowed to redistribute them.

The program has a desktop file and icons, too.


Is alioth the right place to put the package or should I use a different

server because of the binary only libraries?


Can I package everything together or do I need to break up the package.


Java standard packages will not be packaged with my program (such as

jna, javahelp2, rxtx-java, ...).


I would appreciate any help or pointers. I did rpm packaging and a did some

deb packaging but am unfamiliar with the repository infrastructure.


Thank you.



Frank Schütte




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