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Re: [pkg-eucalyptus-maintainers] Bug#691900: gwt: CVE-2012-4563

Le Fri, Nov 02, 2012 at 07:43:19AM +0100, Thomas Koch a écrit :
> Charles Plessy:
> > 
> > In particular I do not know if the best resolution for this bug is to
> > upgrade to 2.5.0 or to patch, so I am reluctant to take action by myself,
> > worrying that I might complicate your work on Gerrit.
> Hi Charles,
> thank you for pinging me. I've just spend three days on Debian work. Could you 
> deal with it by updating to 2.5.0 and also set the maintainer to the java 
> packaging team?

Hi Thomas,

I have updated the source package to 2.5.0 (checked copyrights, refreshed the
patches), but unfortunately it does not build.  I suppose that some ground work
is needed on the Java side, but I am not able to do it.

I committed all my changes to the Git repository.



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