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Re: [pkg-eucalyptus-maintainers] Bug#691900: gwt: CVE-2012-4563

Charles Plessy:
> Dear Thomas and Java team
> In http://bugs.debian.org/684453, you have suggested to transfer the gwt
> package under the debian-java umbrella.  We agreed, and action was delayed
> by a technical problem on the Dpkg side.
> It is a bit embarassing to ping you with a grave bug, but if you would like
> to take over the package, this is the good moment...
> In particular I do not know if the best resolution for this bug is to
> upgrade to 2.5.0 or to patch, so I am reluctant to take action by myself,
> worrying that I might complicate your work on Gerrit.

Hi Charles,

thank you for pinging me. I've just spend three days on Debian work. Could you 
deal with it by updating to 2.5.0 and also set the maintainer to the java 
packaging team?

There's also a Git repo at 
The branch thkoch_patches contains commits to publish the maven artifacts.

I've also filled a bug at Gerrit and asked them to update to gwt 2.5


Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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