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Re: Change in default behaviour in maven-debian-helper

On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 13:32 +0100, James Page wrote:
> Hi Ludovic
> On 21/02/12 22:08, Ludovic Claude wrote:
> > The new behaviour of maven-debian-helper seems more correct. I
> > think that for most cases, you explicitely add --java-lib option to
> > publish your jar in /usr/share/java, but there are cases where a
> > jar is private, for example Ant or Eclipse plugins. In such cases,
> > you can create a link to a custom location (with the third argument
> > to mh_installjar) or install the jar in that custom location
> > (using - --dest-jar=<path>) and let mh_installjar create a link for
> > the jar in the Maven repository.
> > 
> > Please file bug reports for those packages which are broken by
> > this change, I tried to fix such packages some time ago but there
> > are still some problems in packages I don't know.
> It would be nice the m-d-h made more intelligent decisioning on
> whether to install to /usr/share/java or not.
> For example, if the binary package name that m-d-h is targetting is
> named libXXX-java, it would make sense to automatically install to
> /usr/share/java.  If the package is not a libXXX-java package then it
> a) does not want to install to usj or b) has to do it explicitly with
> --java-lib.
> Lintian checks that libXXX-java packages install jar files to
> /usr/share/java - I don't think mdh should be breaking that rule!
> I'd be happy to work up a patch to implement this functionality (feel
> it might be a better spend of time rather than continually finding
> packages which don't use --java-lib).
> Thoughts?

That would be great. I just got bitten by forgetting --java-lib on a
libXXX-java package because mdh was being so wonderfully helpful I
thought it would have done this for me.


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