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Re: Cleanup in pkg-java subversion tree

Le 04/08/2012 20:39, Thomas Koch a écrit :

Hi Thomas,

the following link lists the pkg-java subversion subtree ordered by last
I see the following packages of which I know that they migrated to Git or
which are obsolet:
lucene, solr, eclipse, eclipse-* (?), jetty5
There may be many more candidates for removal. Would you be so kind to check
and probably remove? Please also check the tags/ subdir of pkg-java!
> If nobody complains, I'll remove the delete the trees of the
> above packages in
> ~2 months.

I'm ok for general cleanup but I don't think is a priority right now for wheezy release. Maybe we can do this post-release ?

I remeber from years ago that it should be possible to remove stuff directly on
the subversion server without the need to checkout the whole pkg-java subtree.
Could somebody write the exact commandline?

svn delete -m "message" <full URL with folder>

Maybe, for the next Debian release, we can migrate the last java packages to

"last java packages" ? There is at least 400+ packages which are still versionned under Subversion.

I don't see real gain of migrate of all those to Git (but maybe I'm wrong). I use Git for all new packages but I won't take time to migrate existing packages to Git.

Damien Raude-Morvan

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