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Re: RFS: eclipse-linuxtools 0.10.0-1 (new)

Hi Niels,

On 5.6.2012 10:47, Niels Thykier wrote:
In the end, I decided to remove all of these files and, where
possible, regenerate them from source packages we already have in
Debian. As a bonus we now have more recent documentation than
upstream. debian/docs/regenerateFromTexinfo.sh is meant to be run
manually from time to time to refresh the files e.g. when new
version of automake is uploaded.

I don't suppose these files are installed in any binary package?  If
so, we could depend/recommend on them and use triggers to update the
generated file on the system (assuming the Java code doesn't rely on
starting eclipse or so).

No, they are available only in source packages. We have to generate the
files before or during eclipse-linuxtools build time.

Copyright owners for files in d/docs are mentioned in d/copyright.

We most likely have to ship the original files in the source package.
  If not to satisfy the GDFL, then to satisfy DFSG#2.  (In theory, the
packages we pull these files from could be removed from Debian).

Okay, I put all the used *.texi files into d/docs/src and let the result
XMLs be generated on each build.

What are *.dash files[3], do they come with a source and a way
to generate them?

According to documentation[1] these are Systemtap dashboard
modules, containing a SystemTap script and associated metadata.
They can be created and loaded by the systemtap Eclipse plugin[2].
The .dash file itself is a gzip compressed zip archive containing
an xml file describing how the data from systemtap script should be
displayed, for example:


"a gzip compressed zip archive" as in something.zip.gz? o_O

Yeah exactly. Don't ask me why :)



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