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Re: RFS: eclipse-linuxtools 0.10.0-1 (new)

Hi Niels,

On 23.5.2012 09:13, Niels Thykier wrote:
is under GFDL-1.1 (according to the Changelog in
libhover/org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.libhover.glibc), but does not appear
as such in d/copyright.

GFDL is non-free unless it has no invariant sections[1] (in that case,
please use GFDL-NIV in d/copyright)[2].
   Also, I highly doubt that the copyright of GFDL files are """Eclipse
Linux Tools project""" - knowing upstream they have a *very* strong
preference for EPL, so if they owned the files it would almost certainly
be EPL.  Failing that, it would be a license with "Eclipse" painted all
over it (like their "Eclipse BSD/MIT" variant) or Apache-2.
   I am more inclined to believe they copy-pasted it from other projects,
which means there should be a copyright statement from the
creators/copyright holders of these files somewhere in the sources (I
haven't found it though).  If not, I am certain upstream are more than
willing to clarify the copyright of those files (given their IP rules it
should in fact be piece of cake for them).

I found a procedure how these files were generated in
libhover/org.eclipse.linuxtools.cdt.libhover.texinfoparsers/README. They
are created from upstream provided *.texi documentation files, so the
original copyright owners can be traced to:

glibc-2.7-2.libhover: 1993-2007, Free Software Foundation - this is non-free
  as the documentation is under GFDL and includes invariant sections.
  Seems to me like linuxtools upstream is violating GFDL in this case, because
  the invariant sections aren't preserved in any form inside the .libhover file
  (but I can be wrong).

newlib-1.16.0.libhover: 1992, 1993, 1994-2004 Red Hat Inc., GNU GPL

acmacros-2.68.xml: 1992-1996, 1998-2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
  GFDL-1.3+ no invariant sections (free)

ammacros-1.11.1.xml: 1995-2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
  GFDL-1.3+ no invariant sections (free)

In the end, I decided to remove all of these files and, where possible, regenerate
them from source packages we already have in Debian. As a bonus we now have more
recent documentation than upstream. debian/docs/regenerateFromTexinfo.sh is meant
to be run manually from time to time to refresh the files e.g. when new version of
automake is uploaded.

Right now, only replacements for acmacros-2.68.xml and ammacros-1.11.1.xml are created,
as I don't intend to package the libhover plugin in this linuxtools upload.

Copyright owners for files in d/docs are mentioned in d/copyright.

What are *.dash files[3], do they come with a source and a way to
generate them?

According to documentation[1] these are Systemtap dashboard modules, containing a
SystemTap script and associated metadata. They can be created and loaded by the
systemtap Eclipse plugin[2]. The .dash file itself is a gzip compressed zip archive
containing an xml file describing how the data from systemtap script should be displayed,
for example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<DashboardItem category="Profiling" dataset="com.ibm.ras.generic.graphingapi.nonui.datasets.rowdataset"
  description="Profile time spent in kernel space and user space"
  display="Functions profile"
<Column name="Tid"/>
<Column name="User Space"/>
<Column name="Kernel Space"/>
<Parser dataset="com.ibm.ras.generic.graphingapi.nonui.datasets.rowdataset">
<Series parsingExpression="\d+" parsingSpacer="\s+"/>
<Series parsingExpression="\d+.\d+" parsingSpacer="%\s+"/>
<Series parsingExpression="\d+.\d+" parsingSpacer="%\n"/>
<Graph id="com.ibm.ras.generic.graphingapi.ui.charts.barchartbuilder" title="Time Spent in UserSpace Vs KernelSpace">
<Filter IMemento.internal.id="com.ibm.ras.generic.graphingapi.nonui.filters.SortFilter" column="1" style="0"/>
<Filter IMemento.internal.id="com.ibm.ras.generic.graphingapi.nonui.filters.SortFilter" column="2" style="0"/>
<Series axis="x" column="0"/>
<Series axis="y" column="1"/>
<Series axis="y" column="2"/>

I think there is no need to exclude them from the source package.



[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Linux_Tools_Project/Systemtap/User_Guide#Modules
[2] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Linux_Tools_Project/Systemtap/User_Guide#Creating_Modules

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