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RFS:mockito 1.9.0+ds1-1.1 (updated)

Hi Team

I am looking for a sponsor for an update to package "mockito".

* Package name    : mockito
  Version         : 1.9.0+ds1-1.1

This update includes:

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * d/control: update locations of Mockito in Vcs-Git and
  * d/control: add version contraint >= 1.7.1 to be able to
    use jh_maven_repo_helper plugin
  * d/rules: use jh_maven_repo_helper plugin and remove
    override_dh_auto_install section.
  * Update debian/pom.xml for mockito 1.9.0

The maintainer (David Paleino <dapal@debian.org>) agrees to my request
to NMU (#668233)

It would be great if someone could review and upload this package for me.



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