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Re: libquartz-java switch to libquartz2-java


On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 9:46 AM, Olivier Sallou <olivier.sallou@irisa.fr> wrote:
> do you plan to switch libquartz-java to libquartz2-java to solve API
> incompatibility issue ? And if yes when do you plan to do so?

It has been pushed ~saturday evening (my time). I cannot see it
uploaded (even if orig.tar.gz hasn't changed), I cannot even see it on
NEW/BYHAND page either... I wonder where it has gone.

> I see library has already switched to testing, maybe I should have
> created a blocking bug after my first mail to prevent this, waiting to
> decide what to do.

There was a bug marked as serious however this was made too late (10th
day) and thus the package moved to testing.

You could still report a bug to remove this package from testing.


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