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Re: RFS: httpcomponents-client 4.1.1-2 (add OSGi metadata + maintenance) [Uploaded]

On Apr 4, 2012 18:05 "tony mancill" <tmancill@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Niels,


> Sorry of that tripped you up.

Not the least.  :)

>  I have been thinking that responses to
> RFS emails aren't terribly useful if the sponsored upload occurs
> directly - meaning at the same time that the [SPONSORED] email would
> be
> sent - given that most (all?) of the folks who can sponsor uploads are
> also members of Java team and will be copied on the email that goes
> out
> to pkg-java-maintainers.  If it's going to take some time to sponsor
> an
> upload, then I think an "ITS" response is appropriate.
> However, maybe skipping the [SPONSORED] email is not conducive for
> people who read the Java list via the archives?

That is actually one of the reasons I prefer adding follow ups.  A new
person might read the lists first and if he/she sees a lot of "unanswered"
RFS, then we just look like we can never bother to reply people.

The second reason is that it makes it easier for me to see/remember
which of the RFSs have received attention (d-java and pkg-java ends
in different mail folders on my end).

> Any thoughts?
> Thank you,
> tony
> [...]


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