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Re: Joining the pkg-java team

Le mardi 21 décembre 2010 19:38:53, Xavier Oswald a écrit :
> Hi,

Hi Xavier,

Welcome aboard (I've just accepted you on alioth) !

> Im planning to join the pkg-java team with Olivier who is in cc.

Maybe Olivier is in BCC but I hardly see any CC in your email :)

Please also prefer sending your questions to debian-java@l.d.o, as pkg-java-
maintainers@l.a.d.o is only here to collect bug reports and other automated 
> We work together in the same company and we have to package some java libs
> for our needs.
> We have prepared a first package openid4java and we want to maintain it
> under the hat of the pkg-java team.
> I have sent a request to join through the alioth interface.
> Olivier will do it too.

Feel free to use our GIT or SVN repository and set Debian Java Maintainers as 
package Maintainer.

Personnaly, I'm interrested in openid4java as it's a B-D of Liferay package 

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Java/LiferayPackaging


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