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Re: Packages required for trunk build of OpenMRS with MavenBuilder - next steps?

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 05:53:30PM -0600, Misha Koshelev wrote:
> The only question I would have, before filing an ITP, is whether this
> should go through the debian-med team and Andreas Tille (who has been
> a wonderful sponsor!) or, as this is not really a "medical" package
> per se, whether this would be better through the pkg-java team. (fyi I
> am not a "Debian developer" and so would have to go through a
> "sponsor" to my understanding.)

IMHO it makes more sense to use pkg-java as the team which cares for the
package.  If you might be in urgend trouble to find a sponsor I would
not deny sponsoring because finally it helps Debian Med and we also have
packages in our SVN which are not really medicine related but I would
welcome if this would be the exception.
> In any case, here are the relevant files (I was not 100% sure whether
> to just upload the .dsc and .changes and/or .tar.gz files so I have
> just uploaded them all)

There is no real need to upload the *.deb and *.changes files when
asking for sponsoring - the other files will be needed (except of
debian.tar1.bz2 - I havn't looked into this - but it seems unusual)
> https://bigfile.bcm.tmc.edu/outbound/mk144210/debian.tar1.bz2
> https://bigfile.bcm.tmc.edu/outbound/mk144210/libreflectutils-java_0.9.14-1_all.deb
> https://bigfile.bcm.tmc.edu/outbound/mk144210/libreflectutils-java-doc_0.9.14-1_all.deb
> https://bigfile.bcm.tmc.edu/outbound/mk144210/reflectutils_0.9.14.orig.tar.gz
> https://bigfile.bcm.tmc.edu/outbound/mk144210/reflectutils_0.9.14-1.debian.tar.gz
> https://bigfile.bcm.tmc.edu/outbound/mk144210/reflectutils_0.9.14-1.dsc
> https://bigfile.bcm.tmc.edu/outbound/mk144210/reflectutils_0.9.14-1_i386.changes
> Just fyi, for fun, I tried the same command with openmrs, i.e.:
> mh_make --from-svn=http://svn.openmrs.org/openmrs/trunk

Sounds like a killer application for packaging Java stuff - we should
keep this in mind ...
Kind regards



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