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Re: RFS: bluecove, bluecove-gpl

Hi Chris,

> I have now fixed the licencing issues (see README.Debian) and updated
> the packages. I am still getting the library-not-linked-against-libc
> warning from lintian but I am reasonably sure the library is linked
> against libc as you can see below. 


You might want to take a look at http://markmail.org/message/u7qajey4e2dxbj2r
(in the quoted part towards the end). I can confirm that this makes lintian
happy :-)

There are a number of other remarks I'd like to add. First for bluecove:

- There is missing/incomplete license information in three source files:
./src/main/java/com/sun/cdc/io/ConnectionBaseInterface.java: *No copyright* UNKNOWN
./src/main/java/com/ibm/oti/connection/CreateConnection.java: UNKNOWN
./src/main/java/com/ibm/oti/vm/VM.java: UNKNOWN
  All of them carry a marker "Not in distributed bluecove jar", but this doesn't
  make the source of those files distributable. I guess you will have to repack
  the tarball to produce a DFSG-free version.
- Apropos repacking: both bluecove and bluecove-gpl tarballs produce a warning
  with tar, please check.
- Please review your debian/copyright, "License:" stanza and fix it (no, you'll
  have to spot the error yourself). A DEP-5 formatted copyright file would still
  be nice to have.
- Your README.Debian should probably be README.source - this information isn't
  really useful for users of the binary package (they won't see LICENSE.txt
- debian/watch doesn't work.


- See above for tarball and DEP-5 for debian/copyright.
- It's not only GPL 3 - use licensecheck `find src/ -type f` to find out for
- After acting according to the markmail.org post referenced above you'll have
  to updated debian/control as lintian is going to tell you.
- Package doesn't build on non-i386 architectures because of a library_suffix
  that is added. Use libbluecove*.so instead of libbluecove.so in your
  debian/rules file (both in clean and for the mv command).
- debian/watch doesn't work.

I hope I'm not leaving too much open to find out for yourself, but I strongly
believe that this is way more educative :-)

Hope this helps,

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