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Re: Anyone know what is happening with JspWiki?

On 10/29/2010 07:39 AM, Kalle Kivimaa wrote:
> On 29.10.2010, at 17.14, tony mancill wrote:
>> Any opinions on adding a tomcat dependency?  I realise that it's
>> conceivable to run JspWiki without it, but suspect that the vast
>> majority of users would prefer for the wiki to work "out-of-the-box"
>> (i.e. with minimal setup).
> The dependency was removed due to a user request, so my opinion is that it should depend on Tomcat. Yes, you can run JSPWiki with Jetty, but it is a bit hassle, as I understand it.

Hmmm... for squeeze I think the choices are either to remove jspwiki entirely or
to depend directly on tomcat6.

Any strong opinions or suggestions one way or another?

Thank you,

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