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Removal of default-jdk-builddep - replaced by gcj-native-helper + default-jdk


Just as a reminder: java-common 0.37 has reached unstable and with it
default-jdk-builddep has been replaced by gcj-native-helper and
default-jdk. Please remember to update Build-Depends of the packages you

For those who did not follow this from the beginning[1]:
 If your package creates "-gcj" packages, it should Build-Depends on
default-jdk AND gcj-native-helper, otherwise default-jdk-builddep should
simply reduced to default-jdk.

To avoid breakage, gcj-native-helper will provide default-jdk-builddep
AND depend on default-jdk, but this compatibility will be terminated
once the transition is done.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-java/2010/04/msg00070.html

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