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Re: [Pkg-scala-maint] Debian Java track at DebConf 10

On Thursday 29 April 2010, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
> On 29/04/2010 04:26, Pablo Duboue wrote:
> > How do you feel about coordinating a BoF session on non-Java JVM-based
> > languages? That's a very quick to write submission and if Ramakrishnan
> > attends, we will have at least another person interested in Clojure.
> I never did that. So, I don't know what I should do exactly. If such a
> session is organized, I'll be happy to attend and participate. Right now,
> I cannot commit to organize/write anything.

Sure, sure.

Just for the record, in case we get other people interested in running a BoF, 


a BOF is defined as:

BOF stands for: Birds of a Feather. This is typically a loosely organized 
gathering of people interested in a particular subject. Often called the 
hallway tracks at other conferences. A BOF is similar to a discussion, in that 
it is not a talk, or a panel, but a loosely organized discussion amongst like-
minded individuals working on a particular subject. A BOF should be lead by 
someone who coordinates the time and place, and keeps the discussion going. 
The person leading a BOF is not responsible for giving a talk, in fact is 
discouraged from doing so, it is not a BOF if one person talks to a group of 
people, that is a talk.

For JVM languages, we can also have a panel...


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