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Re: Debian Java track at DebConf 10

Pablo Duboue wrote:
> I'd like to coordinate a Debian-Java track in DebConf10
Sounds like a good idea!  We should encourage related language (e.g. Clojure)
talks as well.

> * A talk explaining the current state of the Java Policy and where we want to
> take it in the longer term. Doesn't need to be a talk, it can a joust ;-)
> * A talk explaining javahelper, maybe focusing on newer developments if such a
> talk has been offered on past DebConfs

I suspect these will be topics that interest many Java hackers.
One of the old discussions we had on this topic was how to think
of these topics in a way that can benefit other distros as well [0].

For example, our friends from another popular Libre distro are
concerned (rightly so) about Java security [1].  Anyone care to
give a Java security talk (or is this really just a special case
of a GNU/Linux security talk)?



[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-java/2007/06/threads.html#00023
[1] http://identi.ca/conversation/26332216

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