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Re: packaging insighttoolkit java wrappers; advice sought

On Sun Apr 04 17:49, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> I've been prodded to package the java wrappers.  I'd love some
> guidance from this crowd to avoid the newbie mistakes.

Hi! No problem. This is a quick email with some pointers, but I'd be happy to
give you more details answers to specific questions later. You can come and
chat to us in #debian-java on oftc (although I'm out most of tomorrow).

> The package I seek to create will contain several java libraries.  I'm
> not packaging a program, nor a compiler, runtime, etc.  My first
> question: is the policy document [2] sufficiently up-to-date for my
> needs?  

We're in the process of updating policy, so some bits are outdated.

> By this, I mean is the advice in Section 2.4 still valid?  The C++
> library SOVERSION is 3, so the C++ library package name is
> libinsighttoolkit3-dev.  The java wrappers contain both jni code and
> java classes.  Given this, I should create two packages named
> libinsighttoolkit3-jni and libinsighttoolkit3-java, right?  The
> upstream sources create a jar named InsightToolkit.jar.  In the -java
> package, shall I rename the jar InsightToolkit-3.18.0.jar with a
> symlink InsightToolkit.jar -> InsightToolkit-3.18.0.jar?

Yup, that's broadly correct.

> There is no "dh_java".  Are there any packaging scripts that might
> help me?  Is there a good example package that I can learn from?

you want to look at javahelper, it has dh7 and cdbs scripts, or you can call
all the jh_* scripts as normal. There's documentation in the package, although
mostly geared at more standard packages. You could also look at libmatthew-java
for inspiration, which also is a java library with some jni.


Matthew Johnson

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