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Re: RFS: libfreemarker-java (Blocks RM of liblogkit-java)

Le samedi 27 mars 2010 14:21:48, Niels Thykier a écrit :
> I have prepared a Team Upload of libfreemarker-java to update its
> (Build-)Depends so liblogkit-java can be removed from the archive.
> Here is the latest changelog entry:
> libfreemarker-java (2.3.16-2) unstable; urgency=low

I'll look at this (I'm in the Uploaders list after all :).

FYI, ftp-master (ries.d.o) is currently broken so your upload won't be 
accepted right now. AFAIK, there is no ETA for hardware fix :/

> Please note that this is *not* lintian clean! This is an one-time upload
> from me on this package and therefore I have not added myself to
> Uploaders. I have used the "Team Upload" method (see [1]), because I
> believe it has advantages over using the team's email.
>   However, this makes lintian thinking this is a NMU with wrong version
> and without the "NMU" entry.

I've missed the discussion but this seems to me a nice way of working for our 
team (I often need to upgrade/fix some package but don't really want to take 
care on the long run, like an Uploaders/Maintainer have to)

Damien Raude-Morvan - http://www.damien-raude-morvan.com/

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