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Re: [Summery] Re: Integrating the FOSDEM 06 Draft into the Java Policy

On Fri Mar 26 13:09, Thomas Koch wrote:
> There are two questions I had about Debian-Java unit tests and which I propose 
> to answer in the policy:
> - Is there any time limit, how long unit test suites may take? 

Not specifically, but it's considered bad form if it's the majority of the
buildtime. Less applicable to arch-all packages, but remember the arch-any
packages will be built on the buildds of slow architectures. Build-time tests
should not be a complete test suite, but more a touch-test to see whether it's
generally ok.

> - Is there anything I've to take care of, what a unit test may not do on a 
> build server? Like accessing the internet, connecting to localhost?

You certainly can't rely on internet access and starting any kind of local
server is a little dodgy, particularly if it doesn't do random port selection.

This isn't a java-policy-specific issue, if it should be addressed anywhere
it's more suitable to the dev-ref than policy.


Matthew Johnson

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