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Re: New packager (fwd to debian-java)


packaging for Java is not very different from other kind of packaging, but you should nevertheless have a look at the Java Policy (same page as below) and check http://pkg-java.alioth.debian.org/.


Fabrizio Furnari wrote:
Hi Eric,
many thanks for your suggestions, I'll start in this way. Exist a guide or an howto which describe the packaging process for Java applications?



On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 9:47 AM, Eric Lavarde <Eric@lavar.de <mailto:Eric@lavar.de>> wrote:

    Hi Fabrizio,

    I'm not a DD, but nobody has answered yet, so let me try.

    First, the kind of help you're expecting is a bit vague, so my
    answer might not be what you expect.

    For your first package, my recommendation would be to take the
    simplest package with the least dependencies (and dependencies of
    dependencies, and dependencies of....) not packaged yet in Debian.
    In the same direction, take care of the licensing used, try to avoid
    packages with multiples licenses, complex copyrights, etc... At the
    end, ftp-master might not let them through and you've worked for
    nothing. Same applies of course to dependencies.

    These are important point because it can multiple the needed effort
    without visible result, and be quite discouraging, so check the
    dependencies (libraries mostly) and the licenses/copyrights before
    you start packaging.

    Now, to start packaging, your first lecture should be
    http://www.debian.org/devel/, especially the New Maintainer's Guide

    Hope this helps,

        Fabrizio Furnari wrote:

            Hi all,
            this ML has been reported me by the mentors ML.
            I'd like to join the Debian packagers team and, in the
            future, become a DD.
            I need for a Squeeze-based distro, to package some Java apps:

            OpenJump 1.3.1
            Saga 2.0.4 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/saga-gis/files/)
            AutoQ3D Community  (
            Stereo 0.2b (http://stereo.sourceforge.net/)
            uDig 1.2RC1 (http://udig.refractions.net/download/)
            gvSIG 1.9 (
            e-foto 0.1
            jSVR 0.5 beta http://sourceforge.net/projects/svr/files/
            Total Open Station http://tops.berlios.de/

            Obviously not all now and some can be wrong/not Java. In
            this case I'd much
            appreciate your suggestions.
            Anyone would help me in that?



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